Monday, November 30, 2009

The Biblical View Of Marriage According To Nickelodeon

Recent personal events have renewed thoughts about an issue that’s pervasive in the religious world of the church, at least in the way that most people understand the term “church” these days. Despite an out of balance focus on teaching in the form of the typical Sunday sermon, biblical illiteracy is rampant among those who refer to themselves as Christians. While we may be quite capable of regurgitating what a mere man said from behind a pulpit, we seem to lack a basic understanding of what God has actually said through his word. Ironically, many who believe in their capability to utilize verses to accentuate a perceived theological point lack the comprehensive understanding of God’s character through which to filter those same verses. Unfortunately, even a significant number of pastors, who have the incredible responsibility of shepherding their flocks, also seem to lack this broad-based understanding.